A logo that changes with the times


Initially an industrial designer, from 1934 he creates his own logo for Monbana powders, the brand's trademark for decades.
The little girl drinking her bowl of cocoa is called Louisette, a tribute to his wife Louise.




The 'Louisette' logo is framed by a coat of arms. The trademark banana is also used on our cocoa powder recipes.




The logo moves upmarket with a coat of arms boasting 2 unicorns




Keen to affirm the legitimacy of the brand, in 2001 Monbana changes its positioning and its image. The coat of arms is changed to a single unicorn, the Monbana name is redesigned and the logo is personalised to clearly highlight the history of our chocolatier craft, est. 1934.




With the drive to modernise as well as guide the development of the store network, the brand becomes available to the GENERAL PUBLIC.