Diverse business activity and employees

With departments handling research and development, marketing, quality, industry and logistics, administration and finance, commercial services, and communications, we have as many departments as we do different skill sets. And these all add up to a rich, fulfilling working environment!

Our commitments

Chocolaterie MONBANA is a family agribusiness, and is by both definition and choice a company where customer culture, team spirit, creativity, pragmatism, respect and joie de vivre make all the difference! Our HR policy is openly at the heart of our customer policy. One of our priorities is to encourage employee development in their specific skill sets. This drive to progress always benefits our customers. This applies for our policy on the integration of our new employees, as well as for the DIF CQP training, etc.

'Our end goal, our true raison d'ĂȘtre, is to provide our customers with the very best chocolate available wherever we have established a presence. This is the challenge that we set have set ourselves, and we aim to do it whilst staying true to our intrinsic business values. I want my employees to enjoy coming to work for our wonderful company. Turn up every day with a smile! ', Yves Guattari, Managing Director of Chocolaterie MONBANA.