The breizhoo gourmand

Preparation: 1 minute


To savour: 

  • Snacking

Monbana's product(s) used :


  • 1 dosing spoon of tradition chocolate powder
  • 20 ml of salted caramel sauce
  • Crushed caramel
  • 300 ml of milk

Preparation steps

Step 1

For the steamer milk:

Pour 100ml of milk in a first jug

Step 2

Steam for 5 seconds and set aside

Step 3

For the hot chocolate:

Shake the box for 5 seconds

Step 4

Pour 200 ml of milk in a second jug

Step 5

Steam for 5 seconds

Step 6

Add a dosing spoon of tradition chocolate powder

Step 7

7 Steam up to 65°

Step 8

Pour the salted caramel syrup in a glass

Step 9

Add the steamed milk

Step 10

Add the hot chocolate

Step 11

Top with the crushed caramel and serve!

Watch the recipe's video