Production facilities

The activity of Chocolaterie MONBANA spreads across 2 factories with a total surface area of 20.000 sqm and a production volume of more than 5.000 tons of chocolate-flavoured specialties.

This expansion occurred in stages without ever denying the fundamentals of the brand: family spirit, independence and expertise.

Ingredients and labels

To achieve the right balance of flavors and textures, MONBANA’s Chefs Chocolatiers choose their ingredients with care: the finest cocoa beans from West Africa for 100% pure cocoa butter chocolates. Each cocoa note is revealed and expresses all its strength as well as its subtlety.

Our Ambassador


Nicolas Crépon, MONBANA’s Chef Chocolatier

We put all our passion into our achievements, including a chocolate 100% pure cocoa butter. We use GUERANDE SALT FLOWERS (IGP), ESPELETTE PEPPERS (AOC), an Alphonso variety mango grown only in India, and recognized for the superiority of its flavor. All these NOBLES INGREDIENTS have a history, an origin, from a terroir, they are grown and harvested by the hand of man. Our ARTISANAL KNOW-HOW allows us to sublimate them, associate them and surprise you with amazing marriages. Chocolate is a living and haunting matter that is poeticized. Wishing you a nice tasting.