Fairtrade organic chocolate powder

To savour: 

  • Breakfast
  • Snacking
  • Cocktail

size: 1 kg box

Chocolat en poudre Tradition bio Max Havelaar 1kg

Existing in another size:

Tradition BIO Max Havelaar en dosette

Certified Organic farming, find the pleasure of a traditional cocoa developed in the respect for the natural balances of the planet.


Cocoa from the Dominican Republic
Organic and fairtrade certified
Legally called “chocolate”

Other informations

Any time of the day
Perfect for the morning

Cocoa content


Taste profile

Barista's suggestion

LIGHT and HARMONIOUS with a vegetal note evoked from NATURAL ORIGIN OF THE COCOA BEANS. The pineapple will make you travel while having the pleasure of tasting a responsible ecological chocolate.